This is just one sequence of events organised by the Reclaim the Radical Spirit of Eureka Rebellion Celebrations. These series of events have been devised and refined over the last 13 years of activity. Come and join us and celebrate and commemorate the 160th Anniversary of Eureka.

This year the Ballarat Courier has a social media event: Tell the world #whyivote 160 years after the Eureka Stockade, appropriate given the commemoration comes 5 days after the Victorian election. Prior to the Eureka rebellion you were required to be a property owner to have the right to vote. Representatives weren’t paid, but then most had the wealth to afford to govern the colony.

Manhood suffrage came quickly after the rebellion was brutally supressed. It took until 1895 for women’s right to vote in South Australia. Victoria did not grant that right until 1908, the last state to do so. and then until 1967 for indigenous people to have the right to vote. It took even longer for women to be able to stand for parliament in some jurisdictions like Victoria (1923).

According to the Australian Electoral Commission “In 1962 the right to vote in federal elections was granted to Australian Aboriginal women who, together with Australian Aboriginal men, had been specifically excluded from the franchise in Australia by the Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902.”

wright-forgotten-rebels-eurekaWe should also remember that at the time of the rebellion there were many women on the goldfields conducting business and involved in various roles in the Government camp and the miners camp. There was at least one woman killed in the storming of the stockade or savage aftermath of wanton killing by the Victoria Police constables on that day.

Clare Wright’s book The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka is a powerful corrective to the traditional malecentric views of Eureka we have come to accept as history. Women were prominent at Eureka, played significant roles in the youth struggle that was being waged for democratic rights and liberties.

Event Timetable

4am- 10pm Wednesday 3rd DECEMBER 2013
(Corner Stawell & Eureka Streets, Ballarat, VICTORIA)

Celebrate the important elements of the Eureka Rebellion
Direct Democracy – Direct Action – Solidarity – Internationalism

4:00am Gather at the monument at Eureka Park for the Dawn vigil (Live broadcast on 3CR 4am-6am)
6:00am Breakfast Eureka Park (Bring Your Own Food & Drinks)

9.00am March From Eureka Park To Bakery Hill To Reaffirm Eureka Oath
9:30am Presentation Eureka Australia Day Medals At Bakery Hill
10:30am Eureka Flag Raising Ceremony Outside Ballarat Town Hall
11:00am Eureka stump orations outside Ballarat Town Hall – “Reclaiming the radical spirit of the Eureka Rebellion in 2014”

11:30am Walk To Old Ballarat Cemetery To Pay Our Respects To All Those Who Died In The Eureka Battle Who Are Buried At The Old Ballarat Cemetery (Please Bring Flowers)
12:30pm Light Lunch (bring own Food and drink) outside old Ballarat cemetary

1:00pm Walk From Old Ballarat Cemetery through centre of Ballarat to Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka/ Eureka Park to view the restored Eureka Flag
1:00pm – Walk from Cemetery to Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka – MADE (Eureka Park)
2:00pm View Eureka Flag at MADE. Discussion
3:00pm – Afternoon Tea Eureka Park (Bring Own Food & Drinks)

7:00pm – 10.00pm Eureka Commemoration Dinner – Eureka Stockade Hotel, 152 Eureka St – Topic: the Southern Cross and the Morning Star, Brothers and sisters in the struggle for democracy, liberty and equality. Guest Speakers: Jacob Rumbiak Foreign Minister Federal Republic of West Papua, Dr Joseph Toscano Convenor Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion Celebrations. Entertainment: Black Orchids String Band.

Booking essential 0439 395 489 close 2 December.
No admission charge (Pay for own food and drinks) Bookings: 0439 395 489
JOIN US – Celebrate the Past by Reclaiming the Present