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A cardboard effigy of the Director General of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Major General Duncan Lewis AO DSC CSC, (Wikipedia profile) will burn at the Ballarat Eureka Stockade Memorial next Eureka Dawn 3 December.

Over the past five years, effigy burning has become an integral and flambouyant part of the annual 3 December Eureka remembrances; part of the Reclaim the Radical Tradition of the Eureka Rebellion program organised by Dr Joe Toscano, medical practitioner, broadcaster on Melbourne Radio 3CR and Australia’s best known anarchist. (Joe Toscano wikipedia profile)

Dr Joe’s Reclaim program is far and away the best attended, most visible and best known of the on the day and on the site, Eureka commemorations.

“Each year as Eureka season approaches, a conversation takes place amongst Eureka lovers asking: who is this season’s most notable oppressor of our rights and liberties?” said effigy maker and long time peace activist, Graeme Dunstan of Peacebus.com . “We ask 3CR listeners for example: who is the face of tyranny in this time?”

“So many to choose from, of course. Many suggested PM Abbott and Immigration Minister Morrison. Abbott’s chief of staff, Peta Credlin, got a vote. But in the end my nomination of ASIO boss Duncan Lewis for burning at Eureka160 prevailed,” said Mr Dunstan, the sculptor of cardboard.

“Major General Lewis has only recently take up the top job ASIO and my concern is not what he done in the job so far but rather what he might do given ASIO’s new powers of arrest and detention and given his track record as a lying Terror War warrior of enormous influence in Canberra,” said Mr Dunstan.

“Lewis is a former commander of Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment and served as National Security Advisor to PMs Howard, Rudd and Gillard. It was Lewis who in 2003 ignored or suppressed the Andrew Wilkie reports from the Office of National Assessments that the WMD intelligence was dodgy; he who advised PM Howard and the nation on the path to invasion and calamity.

“He became Secretary for Defence under MP Gillard but not before his advice secured the nod for indefinite active service deployment in Afghanistan of an 80 man Sabre Squadron from his old regiment, the SASR.

“In protest at military spending cuts required by PM Gillard, he resigned and became Australian Ambassador to Nato in The Hague. It doesn’t take much imagination to see Lewis’ influence in getting a further 200 SASR troopers deployed indefinitely in Iraq and under a cover of absolute secrecy,” said Mr Dunstan.

General Lewis, who has been dressed in secrecy all his professional life, reckons Ed Snowden is a traitor and that the metadata of all our net communications are his to inspect and collect. He wants the internet censored for all lest a few with malicious intent – some time, somewhere and on ASIO’s secret word – use it to plot violence. (Daily Telegraph, November 7, 2014, We’re just one mouse click away from terror)

“Wars without end abroad and terror scares without end at home. That’s the business of Duncan Lewis,” he said.

“By burning his likeness at Eureka dawn we will be remembering that spies and secret police come undone in the story of the Eureka rebellion and also giving notice to Australia’s top spook that he is being watched.”

Photo Opportunity

The Duncan Lewis effigy as a work in progress will be on display
2 pm Friday 28 November 2014
at the Eureka Stockade Memorial
cnr Stawell and Eureka Streets Ballarat

Further Information:
Graeme Dunstan, Peacebuus.com 0407 95 688
Dr Joe Toscano, Anarchist Media Institute, 0439 395 489
2014 Eureka Poster and event list