Eureka 2013 – 159th anniversary of Eureka Stockade rebellion


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A humorous but informative summary of Eureka Day events in Ballarat at the Eureka Dinner at the Eureka Stockade Hotel by Adam Elliot.

The 159th anniversary of Eureka Stockade rebellion was commemorated with a day long series of events organised by the Anarchist Media Institute from a 4am dawn vigil, Eureka Awards ceremeny at Bakery Hill, a long march through the streets of Ballarat to the Old Ballarat Cemetery, a visit to the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka to see the Eureka Flag finally brought home to it’s origins in Eureka Park, the site of the Eureka Stockade; and concluding with a dinner at the Eureka Stockade Hotel with a guest speaker: Dr. Anne Beggs-Sunter on the topic of ‘Eureka plays and films over the years’.

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Eureka Day and the City of Ballarat


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In many countries an event like the Eureka Stockade rebellion of 1854 would be commemorated, celebrated, even revered by the town or city where it occurred. But not in Ballarat. The City of Ballarat are happy to live off the tourism income from the Eureka heritage, even incorporating the eureka flag in their stylised logo, but do little in maintaining let alone building respect and recognition for the Eureka anniversary – Eureka Day. It is a national Shame.

In past years there has been some limited attempt to commemorate the anniversary event with an official flag raising outside the Town Hall, but not even that occurred this year.

The Eureka Flag has never flown from atop the highest flagpole on the Ballarat Town Hall. The Council continues to be in denial of the local and national significance of the agitation and popular rebellion on the goldfields of 1854 and it’s relevance to today.
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Eureka Curse on Maurice Newman in Effigy burning at 2013 Eureka Dawn Vigil

Maurice Newman, Tony Abbott’s chief business advisor, was cursed at the Eureka Dawn Vigil on December 3 when an effigy of him was burnt.

Lantern, banner and effigy maker Grame Dunstan selected Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s chief business advisor Maurice Newman as the candidate for an effigy to be burnt at the 2013 Eureka Dawn vigil on December 3 in Eureka Park at Ballarat.

Newman has been appointed chairman of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council. He wants to see savage attacks on the wages and conditions of the Autralian working class and holds strong climate denialist views. Read the article by Graham Readfearn on Australia’s New Prime Minister Surrounded By Climate Science Denying Voices and Advisors

This is the statement that Graeme Dunstan made in setting alight the effigy.

IMG_6373-Effigy-Graeme-Dunstan-talking-about-Maurice-Newman-cropped“And of course he is a climate denialist. He speaks for the energy industry.

So let this be a curse. Yeah? Let it be the curse of the ancestors against this man who walks the corridors of power and sits at the tables of the rich.

Let him know that people loathe him. Let him know that we will not tolerate this, we will work together to bring this man down and counter his influence.

Let him go to bed at night and know that he has the curse of Eureka upon him.

Let him know that this curse is already carried by generations yet unborn who are going to suffer the consequences of the lack of action on climate change.

Let him be consigned to the flames. May he wake in fright.”

Watch the 2 minute Youtube video here:


Media Release: Maurice Newman, PM Abbott’s razorman, to burn Eureka Dawn


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Effigy of Maurice Newman

Effigy of Maurice Newman

A cardboard effigy of Mr Maurice Newman, head of PM Abbott’s Business Advisory Council, will burn at the Eureka Stockade Memorial dawn of 3 December as part of the commemorations of the 159th anniversary of the Eureka Rebellion.

This will be the fifth Eureka Dawn effigy burning of the public figure judged to be this season’s most offensive to the people’s rights and liberties and the ritual now has quite a following,” said Eurekaphile effigy maker Graeme Dunstan.
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West Papuans to join commemoration of Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat in 2013


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Morning Star Flag at Eureka Vigil

Morning Star Flag at Eureka Vigil

In the cold and early hours of December 3 2013, people will gather in Ballarat to commemorate the 159th anniversary of the Eureka Rebellion. It was a battle lost at the time in 1854, a slaughter by troopers and police of those who stood their ground for basic rights, but it sent ripples through the colony of Victoria and across Australia at the time. Indeed the event was talked about internationally. Like a rock skipping upon a lake it continues to ripple through time affecting how we interpret rebellion, protest, the social democratic and direct democracy traditions here in Australia.

The 4am vigils at the Eureka Monument on the morning of December 3 usually attract about 50 people, from around Australia and even a few international visitors. Over the last few years West Papuans have joined the vigil and the activities during the day. The events have a raw meaning in their fight for justice and independence for West Papua.

As in previous years, the vigil will be broadcast live on Melbourne community radio 3CR from 4am to 6am.

This year larger numbers of the West Papuan Independence Movement will be involved in all
facets of the celebrations. Mr. Jacob Rumbiak, the Foreign Minister in exile, will be coming to Ballarat to receive a Eureka Australia Day Medal for the personal sacrifices he has personally made (imprisoned for 10 years, tortured by the Indonesian authorities). He fled to Australia in 1998. He is the senior member of the West Papuan Independence Movement who is currently not in an Indonesian prison.
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Solidarity and justice continues to resonate at Eureka Dawn vigil and march in 2012

We take for granted the limited rights and liberties we enjoy in Australia, won through the massacre at Eureka at Ballarat on the Victorian gold fields in 1854 and the social forment of the time which continues to send out political and social ripples across our continent. The radical spirit of the Eureka Rebellion and the Eureka Oath from 1854 continues to be a powerful statement of solidarity and justice, “We swear by the southern cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.”

Photos: Eureka 2012 | Videos: Song of Freedom by West Papuans , Significance and history of the Diggers Memorial | Local Media Coverage

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Eureka 158 Dawn Vigil and Commemoration for 2012

158 years since British troopers and the newly formed Victoria Police stormed the crude stockade at the Eureka diggings. The rebellion was suppressed militarily, but all the popular demands for democratic suffrage and miners rights were won within a year. The oath that was sworn 158 years ago:

“We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties”

is still a potent call for solidarity and justice.
See also Graeme Dunstan of, Eureka prepublicity Graeme has been organising Eureka commemoration activities since 1998, including the popular lantern walk approaching the years of the sesquicentenary. There is a Facebook event page for attending the 158th anniversary of the Eureka rebellion

Dawn at the Eureka Stockade Monument

Come and attend the commemorations and celebration to Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion, 158th Anniversary.

4am – 10pm Monday 3rd December 2012
Meet at 4am Eureka Stckade Monument (cnr Stawell & Eureka Street, Ballarat, Victoria)

4am – 6am – Dawn Vigil at the Eureka Monument
6am – 9am – Breakfast in the Eureka Hall, or BBQ breakfast in the park (Bring your own food and drinks)
9 – 9.30am – March to Bakery Hill. Presentations of Eureka Medals, Affirming the Eureka Oath
10.30am March to Ballarat Town Hall for Flag raising ceremony
11am March to Old Ballarat Cenetery to pay respects at the memorials (Bring Flowers)
Noon March to Ballarat Fine Art Gallery
12.30pm – View the original Eureka Flag/Discussion Ballarat Art Gallery
1.00pm Walk back to Eureka Park for late picnic lunch

7pm – 10pm Eureka Commemoration Dinner (Eureka Stockade Hotel 152 Eureka St) (No admission charge, pay for own food and drinks
Guest Speaker John Semmens – Topic: Ballarat Reform League – Past & Present
Entertainment: The Bard – Eureka Records

Seating Limited only 90 available
Phone 0439 395 489 or

Reclaim the Radical Spirit of Eureka Events for Dec 3 2012

Reclaim the Radical Spirit of Eureka Events for Dec 3 2012

Eureka Commemoration Dinner Dec 3 2012

Eureka Commemoration Dinner Dec 3 2012

Sadly, it seems these are the only activities being organised on the actual December 3 anniversary this year. I am sure the descendants – Eureka’s Children – will hold events on the weekend before or after. Ballarat City Council, who make use of the Eureka flag logo and promote the city based upon it’s unique historical association with the Eureka Rebellion also appear to have no events commemorating Eureka. Very sad when our democratic institutions forget the importance of basic democratic ideas of rights and liberties and standing together in solidarity. It cost the lives of at least 35 men (and an unknown number more) to achieve suffrage in Victoria.

Eureka protests in Ballarat: from dawn vigil to pool protest 2011


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Talking about the history of the Eureka Flag at Ballarat Fine Art Gallery  - 2011 Eureka CommemorationIn the wee hours of Saturday morning, December 3rd, some 40 people gathered in the dark at the monument in Eureka park in Ballarat. For the last 10 years people have gathered at the monument for a dawn vigil to remember those who died one morning 157 years ago fighting to defend basic rights and liberties.

It is a moving ceremony, held in the dark, in the quiet of night and as dawn slowly lightens the sky. If the clouds are in abeyance you can clearly see the southern cross in the sky, that iconic southern constellation that became a symbol for freedom, for rights and liberties and the demand for universal suffrage.

Related: photos by Takver |

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Wikileaks, West Papua and commemorating the 1854 Eureka rebellion at Ballarat 2010


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2010 dawn lanterns at Eureka Park
The persecution of Julian Assange and wikileaks for publishing diplomatic cables, and information on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars is just the latest in government suppression of freedom of speech and human rights and liberties, which past generations have fought for including the men and women of the Eureka rebellion in Ballarat in 1854. I have just returned from Ballarat where I was part of the commemoration of the Eureka Rebellion in 1854 – the 156th anniversary. The struggle for democratic rights and liberties and against corrupt government continues in 2010.
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Activists commemorate the spirit of Eureka Stockade in 2009


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Some 25 people stood around a monument in Ballarat in the pre-dawn hours of December 3 aknowledging the Eureka Diggers who fought and died to defend our rights and liberties one hundred and fifty five years ago.

The Dawn Commemoration this year was broadcast live from 4am to 6am on Melbourne Community Radio Station 3CR. Dr Joe Toscano gave an informative introduction on the Eureka rebellion and its importance for us today, before passing the microphone around the circle for everyone to articulate the personal meaning of Eureka for us today facing new onslaughts on our rights and liberties.

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